Publications in the PhD Thesis

To complete a doctoral thesis, each student is required to have published at least one relevant paper in a JCR-indexed journal (in addition to others in lower-impact publications). The training objective is for candidates to publish research results in journals, preferably high-impact publications (JCR-indexed) and international forums.

Papers may be published at any stage over the three years that the programme runs.

According to the agreement reached at the Consell de Departament "C.ENTEL/2022/02/05”,

For those students who pursue the PhD thesis following the Industrial Doctorate rules, and the Doctorate Commission of the Doctoral Program (CAPD) has accepted the confidentiality clause as described in point 10.3 of the Academic Regulations for Doctoral Studies, in the event that it is not possible to meet the ordinary requirements, the CAPD will be able to authorise the deposit once the following merits from the student will be assessed, including the documental justification of his/her participation and contributions.

       - Patents: PCT registered, or accepted, with conformity of publication.

       - Standardisation documents from international recognised institutions (ANSI, ETSI, IEEE, IETF, ITU-T, ISO or others)

       - Participation in relevant research activities where the specific contribution and scientific contribution is documented by the company in a document signed by the company's tutor, stating the type of activity: proof of concept, field tests, testbeds or prototypes, simulation-based or analytical studies, or other objectively significant aspects.