General Information and Quality Indicators

The doctoral program follows the Internal Quality Assurance System (Sistema de Garantia Interna de la Qualitat,  SGIQ) of the Doctoral School of the UPC, approved by the School Board on Feb, 23rd, 2018 and positively evaluated by the Planning, Evaluation and Quality Office of the UPC (Gabinet de Planificació, Avaluació i Qualitat, GPAQ) on Feb, 26th, 2018. (General information and Quality indicators).


  • Processes for the design, approval, and monitoring of program reports (Verifica, Seguiment, Acreditació):
  1. Working groups agreed by CAPD
  2. Review and approval by CAPD
  3. Submission to departmental bodies (board or council) for their review and approval.
  •  Procedures in order to collect information from stakeholder groups for program management:
    1. Evolution indicators from PowerBI and Prisma systems.
    2. Surveys: Internal from our PhD Program, from the University, from GPAQ, and from the Library Service.


The Validation, Monitoring, Modification and Accreditation Framework (VSMA Framework) for official degrees ties the quality assurance processes (validation, monitoring, modification and accreditation) carried out over the lifetime of a course to two objectives—the goal of establishing coherent links between these processes, and that of achieving greater efficiency in their management—all with the overarching aim of improving programmes.

The Validation (“Memòria de Verificació"), Monitoring (“Informe de Seguiment") and Accreditation (“Informe d'Acreditació") official documents are published at the Quality folder at:

The documents include the Enhancement Plans (“Plans de Millora”) of the Doctoral Programme.

Documents generated internally, usually by ad-hoc working groups or commissions, are approved in 2 steps, according to the regulations from each board or commission:

  • The Academic Commission of the Doctorate Program (CAPD).
  • The "Junta" or "Consell" boards of the Department.



Students Profile

  • Demands
  • Students
  • Gender
  • Local / abroad
  • Full time / part time
  • Grants

Quality Results

  • Completed Thesis
  • Average duration
  • Cum Laude
  • International Mention



The course 2023/24, the PhD Program offers 8 places for new students.


Country of origin of the PhD Students

GEODoctorat UPC displays, on a world map, the country of origin of the students who have presented their doctoral thesis at UPC, the doctoral programs and academic units at UPC that deliver or have delivered them, the titles of the theses, and, if available, the link to the full text.