Welcome to the doctorate program in Network Engineering

The PhD programme from the Department of Network Engineering is committed to educating scholars to provide them with outstanding intellectual skills in various fields of research around the technological challenges in communication networks, boosting the networks and engineering new challenges, to become leaders in their fields of research, at the service of society and people. 
The doctoral program is awarded with Accredited Quality from the AQU (Catalan University Quality Agency) (2022).
During the research period, courses, seminars and other specific and transversal activities are offered, in order to guarantee students the necessary training to carry out research in networks.
The program has the facilities to carry out research in the Barcelona and Castelldefels Campuses, with specialized laboratories, network and documentary infrastructures, dissemination activities, and collaboration with companies, Universities and other centers.
The PhD studies excellence is achieved through the individual efforts made during the time of the thesis through the dedication, discipline, initiative and imagination of the students.


Program overview

The PhD program is organized around the activity of our research groups, which collaborate with other Universities and industrial companies in theoretical and applied research, and participating in national and international projects.

The PhD programme is oriented to the scientific formation in the following areas:

• Network Services and automation
• Intelligent networks
• Cybersecurity
• Green networking
• Business driven IT services.
• Blockchain
• Location
• 5G and beyond networks
• Vehicle to Everything
• Privacy
• Edge-Cloud
• IoT


Web site overview

The general PhD information and regulations of the UPC PhD Programmes can be found at the Doctoral School.
This web site contains the specific information regarding this PhD Programme, including our presentation, our targets, the environment and our specific procedures.

Additional information including Quality and Indicators of the PhD Program can be found at: https://doctorat.upc.edu/en/programmes/network-engineering